The Sparkling Light

Mrs. Ellen Srskic

This is an experience I had with the Lord on October 28, 1978 at 2:00am. First, I want to give you some background history leading up that incredible moment in time.

I had accepted Christ in mid October 1970, (I had a profound experience at that time too). I was learning how speaking scripture brings life. Before that I did not know where to find answers to life’s questions.

While confessing scripture to accept Jesus into my heart, (Romans 10:8-12), I saw Jesus on the cross and He smiled at me and said, “I did this because I knew you would need Me”. I had never felt such love and compassion.

Over the next few years, I continued to grow in the Lord, remained active in Bible studies and stayed connected in prayer groups.

It was during this time that my mother was diagnosed with cancer and became very ill. My mother was a very strong Catholic, and her patron saint was Jude (for hopeless cases). She had been wounded deeply in life and held on to a lot of “things” hoping to make herself feel better.

I tried talking with her about Jesus, and I wanted to hear her speak Romans 10:8-12, or accept Jesus. Unfortunately, her lung cancer and three brain tumors changed her ability to function along with her personality so I never heard her speak it.

I was with her the day she died (October 25, 1978). Afterward, I grieved her death deeply because I didn’t know if she was with Jesus. I was upset with myself and felt I could have done things differently to insure her salvation. Three days after she passed the pain within my heart was worse than ever.

But Jesus had a plan. Jesus knew what I was going through, and He was about to show me He was bigger than it all (Scripture says He is bigger than our conscience.) I will never forget what happened next. On October 28th, 1978 at 2:00am, I woke up for no apparent reason. I noticed a light near our bedroom window. It was a ball of light that slowly moved across the room toward me.

By now, I was starting to sit upright so I could take a closer look. It was bright and sparkly, about 3 feet high and 2 feet wide. I wasn’t afraid or concerned about it. Something about it seemed comforting.

The sparkling light slowly came towards me. When it reached me, the ball disappeared into my chest and filled my entire being. Once inside, I was completely overwhelmed with Holy Spirit’s presence. I felt like fireworks were going off inside. It was better than anything I could ever describe.

Everything in me was tingling and responding somehow. I remember making noises of awe, etc. and mumbling words I didn’t know.

Holy Spirit said “your mother is with Me, she’s fine!”

In that moment Holy Spirit ministered to me and taught me things I did not know…WOW. The Holy Spirit then moved out in front of me. I was begging Him not to leave me.

I never wanted that sense I was experiencing to stop. The light slowly went back across the room to the window, hesitated and then disappeared.

I have never been the same since. Have there been challenges in life? Yes, but walking through them with Him has been entirely different ever since that precious moment He will filled me with His Spirit.


Whole Word Fellowship