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Whole Word Fellowship is dedicated to making disciples not just here in Virginia but also to the ends of the earth. Overseas missions is at the core of what we do here at WWF. On average, at least 30% of our annual budget is dedicated to funding missions and ministries abroad.





We have been partnering with Gethsemane Evangelical Ministries (GEM) in Sierra Leone since 1997, serving West Africa through church planting, leadership development, evangelistic crusades, and building schools. Pitts Evans serves as the International Board Chairman for GEM.


Jesus Christ International Ministries launched in 2002 when 43 people became saved through a short term missions team sent from WWF. Since, we have helped the ministry secure property for the church building and parsonage as well as hire a pastor for the congregation. Sister Chie Galdican currently serves as the senior pastor.


Our church also has ministry partners in India, Madagascar, Liberia, Netherlands, Thailand, and more!