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Special Guest: Benjamin Atkinson

Family Talk Time
Friday 5:30pm

Time of sharing, caring, and listening. We will discuss the relationships and issues that matter most at this time. You are invited to bring a friend, and bring your dinner. We will sit and chat. 

WILD Worship and Passionate Preaching (VISITATION)
Friday 7-9:30pm 

This is gonna be a straight up powerful worship time, followed by a time of impartation, immediately followed up with preaching (Ben will actually share the visitation he had on Dec. 17th 2018). There will be a guest worship leader (surprise...). Come prepared to get a touch from God. 

Family Prayer (bring the kids)
Saturday 10-11:30am 

God loves families, and has a desire for praying families to arise. This is a time for you to bring the family and receive practical tools to grow your families prayer life. Ben Atkinson, a father of five, will share how he (and his brilliant wife Nadia) have learned to build family prayer in the midst of todays vigorous schedule. Bring the children and we will have a practical workshop (Ben will give a live demonstration on how this will work by training you and your children). This is designed for children 5-12, but children 1-4 are also encouraged to attend. 

Holy Clubs Discipleship Training 
Saturday 12-2pm

God calls ordinary people to do extraordinary things. There is a great harvest coming...and most of the people are right there around you. Join us in this time of impartation and practical experience. Ben will teach you the necessary steps walk confidently to lead others to the Lord, build 1 on 1 discipleship, and, or, small group discipleship. This will be awesome!!

Sunday Morning Worship Service
Sunday 10:30am-12:30pm

Ben will be speaking and ministering during the Sunday morning worship service at Whole Word Fellowship.

Earlier Event: December 1
Guest Speaker: Rick Ridings
Later Event: February 3
Special Guest: Keith Collins