[Day 1] Devotional: Pleasing Sacrifice

heb 13.1.png

Irony. We will be going through Hebrews 13 during our 21 days of fasting and seeking the Lord together as a church community. Fasting and seeking the Lord through prayer are very much vertical activities – us to God, God to us – trying to focus on the Lord and nothing else. The irony is that very often God will use fasting to reveal gaps and shortcomings in how we think of and treat others in the family of God (Isaiah 58).

Verse 1 commands us to continue brotherly love. Our prayer is that through our time of fasting we emerge as a church that loves each other well, laying down our lives for one another, seeking to serve, preferring one another instead of oneself. Our love for one another is the surest sign that we are born again in God (1 John 4:7; John 17).

Are you willing to grow in love for your fellow Christian? What are you willing to do to grow that love?

Father, let Whole Word Fellowship be a church that loves each other well – the way You loved us – sacrificially, humbly, truly. Give us grace to get low to serve one another as we see Your example and kindness towards us.

Whole Word Fellowship