Conference Sermons

 DateSpeakerConferenceMins.  Audio   Video   Notes:
2014Holy Spirit Over Metro DC 2014
Jan 17David HerzogSession 1: Conference Speaker159HearView
Jan 18David HerzogSession 2: Message 233HearView
Jan 18Joshua MillsSession 3: Conference Speaker68HearView
Jan 18Matt SorgerSession 4: Conference Speaker123HearView
Jan 18Joshua MillsSession 5: Conference Speaker94HearView
Jan 19Matt SorgerSession 6: Conference Speaker78HearView
Holy Ghost and Fire Conference
May 02Friday EveningView
May 03Saturday MorningView
May 03Saturday afternoonView
May 03Saturday EveningView
May 03Saturday NightView
May 04Sunday MorningView 
2013Holy Spirit over Metro DC
Jan 25Bobby ConnerSession 1: Message was not recorded
Jan 26Paul Keith DavisSession 2: Apostolic Centers73save
Jan 26Don & Christine PotterSession 3: Intercession and Worship62save
Jan 26Bobby ConnerSession 4: Protocols of the Prophetic92save
Jan 26Paul Keith DavisSession 5: Conference Speaker70save
Jan 27Paul Keith DavisSession 6: Conference Speaker46save
20122013 Celebration!
Dec 29Matt SorgerNight one – Revelation on United with Christ97save
Dec 30Matt SorgerDay Two113save
Dec 31Matt SorgerNight Three101save