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2014SpeakerTitleMins.MP3Video Notes:
Jul 13Jon HamillGuest Speaker – Glory procession45saveview
Jul 06Pitts EvansA Changed Life45saveview
Jun 29Pitts EvansA Man of the World45saveview
Jun 22Pitts EvansThe Hand of Our God – part II45saveviewpdf
Jun 01Tyler JohnsonGuest Speaker56saveview
May 18Pitts EvansHow Awesome is this Place60saveviewpdf
May 11Pitts EvansGod Loves a Cheerful Giver59saveviewpdf
May02-04ConferenceHoly Ghost and Fire Conferencepage
Apr 30Pitts EvansThe Judge of All the Earth – WednesdayViewpdf
Apr 20Pitts EvansBehold the Lamb of God44saven/apdf
Apr 06Steve ThompsonGuest Speaker75saven/a
Mar 30Pitts EvansThe God of Absolutes42saveview
Mar 09Pitts EvansThe Precious Blood52saveview pdf
Mar 02Pitts EvansThe Last Enemy52saveview
Feb 23Ken FishPreparing for an Apostolic church40saveviewnone
Feb 16Pitts EvansThe Tabernacle of Moses51saveviewpdf
Feb 09Pitts EvansPray Deliver us from evil44saveviewpdf
Feb 02Pitts EvansSome of the Ways the Lord Speaks to us69saveviewpdf
Jan 26Bob MilneBaptism of the Holy Spirit52saveview
Jan 17-19ConferenceHoly Spirit Over Metro DC 2014view
Jan 12Pitts EvansFinding your Spiritual Gifts40saveviewpdf
2013SpeakerTitleMins.AudioVideo Notes:
Dec 31Jon HamillNew Years Eve80saveview
Dec 15Pitts EvansNot by might nor by power43save pdf
Dec 01Pitts EvansWhere the Spirit of the Lord is, There is Liberty36savepdf
Nov 24Bob MilneWalking on the Water48save
Nov 10Karen DunhamWomens Conference71save
Nov 09Cobb and DunhamWomens Conference73save
Nov 08Karen DunhamWomens Conference41save
Nov 03Pitts EvansBasic Christianity66savepdf
Oct 27Pitts EvansTurn Aside42save pdf
Oct 20Pitts EvansBorn Again48save
Oct 13Daniel KolendaCall of God75save
Oct 12Daniel KolendaRest95save
Sep 22Pitts EvansSealed by The Holy Spirit39save pdf
Sep 15Pitts EvansThe Spirit and Bride say Came43savepdf
Aug 18Pitts EvansThe Word39save 
Aug 11Chris OsburnSuffering39save 
Aug 04YesupadamGuest Speaker61save
Jul 28Pitts EvansChurch Myth Busters48save
Jul 21Pitts EvansHis Mercy Endures Forever41save pdf
Jul 14Mel TariIt’s Celebration Time87save
Jul 07Pitts EvansNo Cross no Crown44save
Jun 30Pitts EvansThe Cross39save
Jun 23Pitts EvansDecent and In Order66savepdf
Jun 16Pitts EvansThe Virtuous Father35save pdf 
Jun 09Berin GilfillanFinishing Well69save 
Jun 02Pitts EvansSomeone is Lying to Us38save pdf
May 26Melvin HardyIdentity Crisis56save
Apr 28Bob MilneChaplain Fairfax County Adult Detention Center55save
Apr 21Pitts EvansThe Mountain of the Lord45save
Apr 14Pitts EvansThe Plow42savepdf
Apr 07Pitts EvansThe Upside Down Kingdom51savepdf
Mar 31Pitts EvansOur Redeemer Lives50save
Mar 24Pitts EvansThe Courts of Heaven 1-5 (I-V) Q & A65savepdf
Mar 18Ken FishGuest Speaker67save
Mar 10Pitts EvansThe Courts of Heaven: Part 5 (V)84save pdf
Mar 03Pitts EvansYour Life Verse60save
Feb 24Pitts EvansThe Courts of Heaven: Part 4 (IV)68save pdf
Feb 17Pitts EvansThe Courts of Heaven: Part 3 (III)55savepdf
Feb 10Pitts EvansThe Courts of Heaven: Part 2 (II)51savepdf
Feb 03Pitts EvansThe Courts of Heaven: Part 1 (I)47savepdf
Jan 25-27ConferenceHoly Spirit over Metro DC
Jan 06Pitts EvansThe Fear of the Lord61save
2012SpeakerTitleMins.Link    Notes:
Dec 31Matt Sorger2013 Celebration! Night Three101save
Dec 30Matt Sorger2013 Celebration! Day Two113save
Dec 29Matt Sorger2013 Celebration! Night one97save
Dec 23Pitts EvansWhat Gifts Shall We Bring51savepdf
Dec 16Pitts EvansHoly Spirit’s Unique Personality: Part 257savepdf
Dec 09Christian OsburnUntil He Comes53save
Dec 02Pitts EvansHoly Spirit’s Unique Personality: Part 163savepdf
Nov 25Pitts EvansThe Person and Work of the Holy Spirit: Part 255savepdf
Nov 18Howard MorganAre your Spritual Roots Hebrew or Greek?68savepdf
Nov 11Pitts EvansThe Person and Work of the Holy Spirit: Part 142savepdf
Nov 4James GollGuest Speaker85save
Oct 28Pitts EvansThe Second Great Awakening43save
Oct 14Christian OsburnEmpowered by Grace35save 
Oct 7Pitts EvansSatan’s Guilt Trip Trap54savepdf
Sept 30Caroline GauthierGuest Speaker59save
Sept 23Pitts EvansHistory of Revival49save
Sept 16Pitts EvansHistory of Revival60save
Sept 2Pitts EvansBiblical history of Revival60save
Aug 26Pitts EvansGrace for Grace45save
Aug 19Karen DunhamGuest Speaker59save
Aug 12Pitts EvansThe Ministry of the Holy Spirit28save
Aug 5Dr Michael BrownGuest Speaker76save
July 29Pitts EvansThe Potter Has Two Hands35save
July 22Pitts EvansBuilding a Memorial before God48save
July 15Pitts EvansParadise and the New Jerusalem40savepdf
July 8David DeckerThe Person of the Holy Spirit60save
Jun 24Pitts EvansThe Millennium: Our Roles as Kings and Priest46savepdf
Jun 10Pitts EvansWhat Comes Next54savepdf
May 13Pitts EvansBride of Christ: Holy Communion32save
May 6Robert SternsGod’s Heart for Israel46save
Apr 29Pitts EvansThe Goodness of God29save
Apr 15Cal PierceGuest Speaker – Healling rooms55save
Mar 10Various SpeakersWade Taylor Memorial Tribute155save
Mar 04Pitts EvansWade Taylor Remembrance Service58save
Feb 12Pitts EvansSearch Me41save
Jan 29Paul Keith Davis, Bobby ConnerSunday Guest Speakers63save
Jan 28Paul Keith DavisConference Speaker88save
Jan 27Bobby ConnerConference Speaker55save
Jan 22Pitts EvansAre You a Good and Faithful Servant?55save
Jan 15Rick RidingsSunday Guest Speaker82save
Jan 08Pitts EvansSeek the Lord58save
Jan 01Matt SorgerSunday Guest Speaker96save
Dec 31Matt SorgerNew Years Eve Guest Speaker48save 
Dec 18Pastor Pitts EvansIn The Shadow Of Herod The King31save 
Dec 11Pastor Pitts EvansThe Personality Of God48save 
Nov 27Pastor Pitts EvansThe Mind of Christ41save 
Nov 20Pastor Pitts EvansOpen the Eyes of My Heart28save 
Oct 30Pastor Pitts EvansFreemasonry and Jesus Christ56save 
Oct 23Pastor Pitts EvansA Certain Rich Man41save 
Oct 16Pastor Pitts EvansConsider Jesus27save 
Oct 09Christian OsburnChristian’s Personal Testimony32save 
Oct 02Pastor Pitts EvansAm I My Brother’s Keeper?27save 
Sep 25Pastor Pitts EvansBride of Christ: Marriage Super of the Lamb43save 
Sep 18Pastor Pitts EvansLove Triangle36save 
Sep 11Pastor Pitts EvansWithout Faith Its Impossible25save 
Sep 4Pastor Pitts EvansBride of Christ: What’s Jesus Looking For in a Bride39save 
Aug 7Pastor YesupadamSunday Guest Speaker48save 
Jul 24Pastor Pitts EvansBride of Christ: Ruth And Her Kinsman Redeemer, Pt. 247save 
Jul 17Pastor Pitts EvansPitts Evans’ Testimony27save 
Jul 10Pastor Pitts EvansBride of Christ: Ruth And Her Kinsman Redeemer, Pt 131save 
Jul 3David HoganSunday Guest Speaker92save 
Jun 26Pastor Pitts EvansBride of Christ: Esther and the Lion King42save 
Jun 12Pastor Pitts EvansBride of Christ: The Wedding Lamps and Pentecost31save 
Jun 5Caroline GauthierSunday Guest Speaker29save 
May 29Howard MorganSunday Guest Speaker55save 
May 22Pastor Pitts EvansBride of Christ: Hebraic Marriage Customs in the Bible37save 
May 01Pastor Pitts EvansBride of Christ: The Marriage of Jesus and His Church46save 
Apr 24Pastor Pitts EvansLamb of God, Part 2 of 241save 
Apr 17Pastor Pitts EvansLamb of God, Part 1 of 251save 
Apr 10Benny MatthewsSunday Guest Speaker54save 
Apr 3Pastor Pitts EvansBride of Christ: Wedding at Cana56save 
Mar 27Pastor Pitts EvansBride of Christ: Wedding at Mt. Sinai60save 
Mar 13Pastor Pitts EvansBride of Christ: Introduction37save 
Feb 20Pastor Pitts EvansThe Angel of the Lord45save 
Feb 13Pastor Pitts EvansThe Way44save 
Jan 30Pastor Pitts EvansOur Response Determines Our Destiny35save 
Jan 23Robin McMillanSunday Guest Speaker48save 
Jan 16Pastor Pitts EvansExpose the Spirits of Darkness55save 
Jan 09Christian OsburnSunday Guest Speaker59save 
Jan 02Pastor Pitts EvansSanctified By The Truth37save