Pitts Evans

Senior Leader | Email

Pitts and Mary met at the University of South Carolina and were married in 1981. They work closely together and often travel overseas to minister. They have three Godly children, Joe, Courtney and Rachael, a wonderful daughter-in-law named Kristi and four beautiful grandchildren.

He first attended Whole Word Fellowship and Church at Northern Virginia as a young teenager in the summer of 1969. After managing three different businesses and owning his own successful small business in Charleston, SC from 1981-1999, he was called to prepare for full time ministry in the summer of 1999. While attending the Brownsville Revival School of Ministry, he was contacted by the leadership of Whole Word Fellowship about a ministry position, which he later accepted in the summer of 2001.

In addition to serving as our Sr. Pastor, Pitts has a heart that is committed to building the Kingdom God.  He directs our international missions outreach and humanitarian efforts, traveling extensively, ministering in Pastor’s Conferences, Crusades, Bible Schools, indigenous churches and connecting various ministries around the world. He serves on many national and international ministry boards and is an adjunct Professor of Theology & Pastoral Ministry with Life Christian University and an adjunct Professor and Board member of Evangel Theological Seminary.